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The first thing that you will notice and love about this compact air fryer is that it is by far one of the easiest air fryers to use

This air fryer is designed to use and accrue less oil than other air fryers so that you can get a nice, rich, crisp outer layer to any dish, will virtually no added calories

This air fryer is also designed with quality parts, pieces, and features. This model is made from state of the art 100% BPA free plastic so that you never have to worry about contaminating the food that you put into your air fryer

This air fryer is great for cooking everything from french fries and chicken nuggets to chicken breasts and vegetables. With this air fryer, you can virtually fry anything that you want to.

This model is designed with world class air circulation technology that allows it to quickly and evenly air fry your food to the perfect temperature and texture. You are going to be blown away at how great your food is going to taste, and all without the use of the excess oil that you would have in a traditional fryer.

This air fryer is so versatile because it is perfect for healthy eaters who are looking for a healthier way to prep vegetables and meats. They are also great for preparing sweet and savory treats when you want to treat yourself.

The company that makes this air fryer provides a 30 day 100% money back guarantee. If something should happen to your air fryer, or if you just simply aren’t happy with its performance you can send it back to the company for a 100% refund. No questions asked and all of your money back.

This air fryer is also incredibly easy to clean so that you can simply disassemble your air fryer, clean it up, and reassemble for the next time you want to use it.


Some of the models of this air fryer are prone to having parts of the drawer chip off. Apparently this can be a common problem when you are using your air fryer and frequently removing and replacing the drawer.

It would be nice if the drawer or the insert in this air fryer came with some kind of rack system so that you could layer more food in your fryer.


Overall, this fryer by Simple Chef is a really affordable and quick way to prepare delicious, lower-calorie options to the foods that you already love. It is made of high quality components and BPA free plastic so that you always get a great cook on your food, and so you don’t have to worry about contamination. It is easy to use and has a decent basket size that you can cook food without crowding.

If you are looking for a quicker way to prepare food in your kitchen without having to take the time to do a ton of prep work, an air fryer is a nice addition to add to your kitchen. All you have to do is virtually pop in whatever kind of food that you want to prep, and within a matter of minutes you have perfectly crisp, tender, and flavorful food. The Simple Chef Air Fryer in particular is great at air frying everything from french fries, chicken nuggets, and other frozen good to pork chops, steak, and fresh or frozen vegetables. With simple features and dial controls, this air fryer is one of good affordable air fryers on the market. (If you are looking for one with more advanced features such as patented technology, digital controls or pre-set cooking functions, check out our air fryer reviews).

An air fryer like this would be perfect for anyone who loves the taste of deliciously crisp fried foods, but doesn’t want the calories that come with using a traditional deep fryer.

Here are just a few features that you are going to love about this air fryer


Highlighted Features

High Quality Components

This air fryer is made of high quality components from the cord to the container that you fry your foods in. The outer shell is made of BPA free plastic so that you never have to worry about contaminating your foods, and the selection dials are smooth provide everything that you need for prepping food.


Easy to Use

We really enjoy that this air fryer is really easy to use. With a traditional fryer you have to be concerned with the quality of your oil, changing it, storing it, and straining it. With an air fryer, all you have to do is plug it in, select the temperature that you need to cook on, select the time that you want to cook for, and voila! In a matter of minutes you have deliciously air fried food. It is also incredibly easy to clean and reuse, unlike traditional fryers.

This 1400-W air fryer gets hot pretty fast. You can set a timer and temperature using dials. The temperature can be set between 175°F and 400°F. The timer can be set up to 30 minutes. The Simple Chef air fryer comes with an auto shot-off feature to ensure cooking with safety.


Decent Basket Size

When you use any air fryer, make sure that you do not overcrowd the basket. Otherwise, your food will not cooked evenly. However, this air fryer has a decent size of basket. It is 8 1/4 inches across so you can cook 3 chicken thighs, 5 drumsticks or 2 breasts at a time without crowding.


Making Fried Food Healthier

If you are trying to drop some pounds or inches, or maybe you just love the taste of crispy fried foods without the calories, air fryers are great. They don’t need the oil that deep fryers use, and give you all of the flavor that you love without the fat and the calories. This air fryer can fry not only fresh food but also frozen food, making your life easier and healthier.



This air fryer uses state of the art air circulation technology so that you get a perfectly even cook and crisp on everything that you throw into your air fryer.


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